Daniel Metcalfe is a visual artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been involved in a variety of solo, collaborative and group exhibitions in public institutions, dealer galleries and artist run spaces.
Daniel’s practice explores the relationship between digital space and physical space, creating hyper-digital environments that engulf the viewer in abstract forms, bold colour and light. Through this he aims to provide a space for the viewer to contemplate the exponential rate at which we are incorporating the digital space into our lives. Sometimes this is explored in a calm, meditative manner and other times it takes on a more chaotic feeling. This exploration is vital in both an arts context and for society as a whole as we need a space to slow down and contemplate the world as it develops and then decide as individuals whether this development is considered progressive or degressive.  
Daniel’s installations give digital forms a physical presence that occupy the viewers space. This shifts them from intangible and infinite to singular original objects, validating these forms as “real” and forcing the viewer to confront the fact that the digital space is just as “real” as the physical world. This is super important as a good proportion of our lives is experienced and portrayed digitally and we need to be aware of the consequences of such a thing. 
Daniel is interested in exploring how the viewer perceives and interacts with the digital space when content and context are removed; bringing forward imagery and processes found within the background of the digital space. This has mainly been done through the process of reduction and abstraction. Reducing imagery down to the building blocks of the digital space (Pixels), the viewer is directly confronted with the digital space and has no content or context to distract them. This further enforces a space to contemplate the nature of the digital world and the relationship we have with it. 
His installations incorporate an array of different mediums and materials, exploring how the context of these digital forms change when they are shifted into the physical space through different methods. Daniel likes to take commercial mass producible mediums and use them out of context as singular original objects, pushing the boundaries of what is considered art.  
Past works of his have consisted of Vinyl on Light-boxes, Looped Digital Projection/in combination with Vinyl Drawings, Vinyl Drawings, Looped Moving Image on monitors and painting.  

Instagram: @dvnielmetcvlfe
email: danielmetcalfe@live.co.uk
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